Since then through working on magazines and documentaries, he has tried to explore this broad field, which has lead to many wonderful trips and meetings. One such experience has been with the director Laurent Lutaud, with whom he has enjoyed a rich and strong professional relationship. In parallel, he has begun reinvesting more time into several projects enabling him to focus on pure photography.

         Let him live.

In my country, tender proof of spring and poorly dressed birds

Are preferred to distant goals.

The truth is waiting the sunrise next to a candle.

The glass window is neglected. Never mind the attentive one.

In my country we do not question a moved man.

There is no malignant shadow on the capsized bark.

Hello barely, is unknown in my country.

We barrow only that can go back increased.

There are leaves, many leaves on the trees in my country.

The branches are free to have no fruit.

We do not believe in the good faith of the winner.

In my country, we thank.

René Char